GCCW’s Open Letter for 2016

September 26, 2016

Global Climate Change Week has published its Open Letter for 2016 (on Implementing and Strengthening the Paris Agreement on Climate Change). This one can be signed by anyone (not only academics like last year’s) so please sign it if you agree with it and promote it through your networks.

We would also like to translate the letter into some languages other than English, so if you’re able and willing to do such a translation please let us know (at contact@globalclimatechangeweek.com).

GCCW is promoting the letter in conjunction with Climate Scorecard, a new initiative that provides monthly reports on efforts by the top 25 greenhouse gas emitting countries to implement the Paris Agreement (www.climatescorecard.org). Climate Scorecard would like to engage interested academics in writing editorials for their posts, which go out to several thousand environmental leaders around the world. If you’re interested please contact Climate Scorecard Co-Project Directors Ron Israel (Roncisrael@gmail.com) and/or Lois Barber (Lois@earthaction.org).

Many thanks,

The GCCW team