Research Assistants

Profile pictureJosh Pallas studies Politics, Philosophy and Law at the University of Wollongong, and is writing Honours on terrorism and the United Nations. Josh has previously been the Campaigns Coordinator for AYCC NSW, and a Global Poverty Project Ambassador.



Irit photo 1Irit Alony is passionate about global peace and humanity’s wellbeing, and has links in various peace movements world-wide. She is a qualified and experienced researcher in the fields of Management, Business, and Information Sciences, and has years of experience in higher education and educational technologies. Irit’s research areas include: Employee turnover understanding and prediction (PhD); Emotions in inter-personal communication in the workplace (PhD); Decision making: biases, strategies, and mechanisms (Masters by Research); and Organisational change and culture change (Masters by Research). Irit specialises in qualitative data analysis, and have gained knowledge of quantitative analysis (SEM, SPSS).

Cam_photo_1Cameron Lutman 
studies Philosophy, Politics, Media Studies, and Journalism and Professional Writing at the University of Wollongong. Cameron is a Dean’s Scholar and will be undertaking Honours in Philosophy in 2016.



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