GCCW activities (for academics)

Types of activities include:

  • University-based education activities (including academics altering their programs to coordinate their teaching on some aspect of climate change during GCCW)
  • Research activities (such as conferences and workshops on climate change)
  • Education activities beyond the university (such as talks to schools and community groups on climate change)
  • Media outreach
  • Online activities (such as discussion groups, forums, social media, online Q&A sessions, podcasts)
  • Campaigns (including petitions, consumer boycotts, demonstrations)
  • Art and cultural activities (such as performances, installations, music, satire/humour)

For more ideas see the examples of GCCW activities in the links given in the GCCW 2015 Report and the GCCW 2016 Report, and the activities registered on the GCCW 2015 map and the GCCW 2016 map.