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This form is for people who would like to take part in GCCW 2020 (Oct 19-25). ┬áIf you already have some idea of what activities you would like to take part in please fill in the ‘Register an activity‘ form instead of this one. (Your information won’t be used for any other purposes).
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    I would like to participate in GCCW 2020 but don't know how I will do so yet.

    I would like to participate in GCCW 2020 and already have some idea what activities I will take part in, so I will fill in the activity section below.

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    (Examples of activities include special seminars, public lectures, and panel discussions on climate change; divestment activities and other campaigns; and cultural activities such as art competitions and film screenings. For more specific examples see the GCCW 2020 map.)
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