Coordinating Committee

Dr Keith Horton is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the UDr Keith Hortonniversity of Wollongong. His primary area of research is moral philosophy, especially the moral implications of global poverty. He is a co-founder and board member of Academics Stand Against Poverty.


Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick
is a climate scientist interested in extreme events. Her current research program focuses on heatwaves, understanding their past and future changes, what drives them, and the role of human activity behind these changes. She currently holds an ARC Discovery Early Career Award, is the brains behind scorcher (an interactive website that tracks Australian heatwaves), and has a passion for communication, both directly to the public as well as via mainstream media.

Dr George TakacsDr George Takacs is a Lecturer in Physics at the University of Wollongong. He is a member of the Australian Solar Council and International Solar Energy Council he also serves as a Councillor on Wollongong City Council.



Dr Samuel WilsonDr Samuel Wilson is Director of the Swinburne Leadership Institute at Swinburne University where he leads research into Australian citizens’ perceptions and expectations of leadership for the common good across the government, business and civil society sectors. He is also co-convener of the International Leadership Association’s Sustainability Leadership Learning Community.


Liz Hanna photoDr Liz Hanna researches the human health impacts of climate change. Through the ANU, Dr Hanna is currently finalising Australia’s largest research project investigating heat exposures among the Australian workforce. Liz is President of the Climate and Health Alliance. She also convened the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Network for Human Health, and the Environmental Health Special Interest Group of the PHAA.  Dr Hanna provides public health and environmental health expertise, consulting to industry, NGOs and the Australian Government on climate change health vulnerabilities adaptation options and limits, internationally as well as nationally.

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