Report on GCCW 2015

301 academics from 51 countries and a huge range of disciplines registered for the first Global Climate Change Week (GCCW) in October 2015. 92 activities were registered on the GCCW map and many other GCCW activities also took place (for some examples see here and here). GCCW was featured in an article in the journal Nature: Climate Change among other media. This is the first time that academics from across academia and around the world have united to create such an event, and constitutes an excellent foundation for us to build on next year.

Meanwhile 2498 academics from 80 countries signed our Open Letter calling for world leaders meeting in Paris to do what is necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change. Prominent signatories include Noam Chomsky, Naomi Oreskes, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Michael E. Mann, Ursula Oswald Spring, Bill McKibben, David Suzuki, and Peter Singer. The Open Letter was featured in an article in the Guardian among other media. Our associated thunderclap had 162 supporters and a social reach of 249,748.

We plan to build on this foundation to develop an even bigger and better Global Climate Change Week next year. Please get in touch (at if you would like to be involved or have any suggestions to offer.

For now, we’d like to thank Australian Ethical and the Global Challenges program at the University of Wollongong for their generous sponsorship of GCCW, Academics Stand Against Poverty and others for promoting GCCW so well, and everyone who took part in GCCW for their enthusiasm and commitment.

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