GCCW 2016: Bigger and Better

June 8, 2016

Thanks again to everyone for making the first Global Climate Change Week (GCCW) such a success! Registration is now open for GCCW 2016 (Oct 10-16), which promises to be even bigger and better than GCCW 2015. The most important innovation is that we will focus on whole academic communities rather than just academics. We take academic communities to include academics, students, professional and union staff at universities, and alumni. This will make GCCW much more inclusive and help to increase GCCW’s impact around the world.

Learning from GCCW 2015

It would be great to have descriptions of activities you organised or attended during GCCW 2015 so that others can learn from them. So please send us descriptions of:

  • Activities you organised or attended
  • How your activities were organised
  • What lessons you learned when activities were organised and run

In addition, please send us:

  • Useful resources you found or produced (e.g. guides, posters, banners)
  • Ideas for new activities

National and/or regional networks

We would like to encourage the establishment of national and/or regional GCCW committees or networks, which may perform a number of useful activities, including:

  • developing or disseminating links to resources relevant to particular nations or regions
  • discussing what types of action would be most appropriate in their nation or region
  • coordinating with relevant national and regional organisations such as higher education unions, and organisations supporting sustainability in the higher education sector (such as AASHE in the US, EAUC in the UK, and ACTS in Australia)

GCCW can support such networks by hosting their web-pages on the GCCW website. To those who have already offered to work on such committees or networks – thank you! If you would like to join in, please get in touch (at contact@globalclimatechangeweek.com).

Let’s get started! Please register for GCCW 2016.