GCCW 2016 Activities

August 13, 2016

Thanks to everyone who has registered for Global Climate Change Week (GCCW) 2016. We’re up to 152 registrations now, from 43 countries.

Wondering what you might do during GCCW 2016 (Oct 10-16)?

If there are events other people are planning on your campus or nearby, you can take part simply by attending those.

Or you can organise your own activity. Some activities are very simple and require little preparation. For example, you can simply make a time to talk with your colleagues and students about climate change and how you can contribute to tackling it.

Other activities require a little more preparation. Here are a few suggestions, with links to some examples universities organised for GCCW last year.

  • Panel discussions on one or another aspect of climate change (like this one at the University of California Berkeley, or this one at University College London)
  • Special seminars or lectures on climate change (like this lecture series at the University of Bath or this lecture series at Heythrop College London)
  • Divestment events (like this one at the University of New South Wales or this one at the University of East Anglia) (for information about divestment see 350.org’s website or the Guardian’s Keep it in the Ground campaign)
  • Student competitions, like this climate change video contest at Arizona State University
  • World Climate Simulation a role-playing exercise of the UN climate change negotiations, using an interactive computer model to analyze the results of the mock-negotiations during the event

For more general examples of activities one might pursue during GCCW see here and here.

For more specific examples of activities pursued last year go to the GCCW 2015 Map and then click on ‘show activities’ (in red).

For more specific examples of activities planned for GCCW 2016 go to the GCCW 2016 Map and then click on ‘show activities’ (in red).

If you would like to register an activity for GCCW 2016, please do so here.

And please help to spread the word about GCCW 2016, using our hashtag #GCCW16.

Best of luck from the GCCW team!